Tempered glass can be up to 5 times more resistant to mechanical shock, making it a cost-effective option.

Resistance to temperature changes

Tempered items are resistant to temperature changes of 130°C. It is tested immersing an item at 130°C in cold water. The glass does not break or crack.

Tempered items

All items with this symbol are fully tempered. Not all manufacturers temper to the same standards.

More space

By stacking you can minimize space by between 50% and 60% and gain greater storage capacity.

Less handling

Having stackable items, you can collect and handle more items in less time.

More hygienic

By stacking items, you prevent them from becoming dirty inside and it is also more hygienic when handling them.

Fewer breakages

All of our stackable items are tempered, making them up to 5 times more resistant and safer.


We manufacture 15% lighter items than other products in the market, both annealed and tempered glass.

Greater resistance

Crystalline items are 15% lighter than glass items, but Vicrila items are more resistant.

Purity and cleanliness

No lip on the mouth of the item, a characteristic that allows you to better appreciate the qualities of any wine or cocktail.

Crack off


This cut is obtained with a thermal shock process called “crack off”; that allows a controlled circular fracture in the upper part of the item, giving the mouth the required fine appearance.

Mayor rendimiento

Better performance

This design attribute helps achieve better performance in the beverage service.

Aroma activation

By serving the correct amount of liquid, we leave the necessary space in the glass that activates the aromatic components of the drinks and provides a better customer experience.

Smells and flavors

The shape of our products elevates the perception of smells and flavors in every sip.