Minimize the environmental impact of the plant

In 1986 we abandoned fuel oil for natural gas, being a more efficient fuel with less environmental impact. In this way we significantly reduce CO2 emissions. We are also one of the largest solar panel industrial parks in the Basque Country with 9,000 m2 of solar panels that provide us with 10% of our annual electrical energy consumption.

Save and reduce energy consumption

In Vicrila we use recycled glass (calcín [scrap glass]) as raw material, which allows us to save energy. That is, the melting point of calcín is lower than that of silica sand, so our furnace works at a lower temperature, reducing energy consumption significantly.

Less CO₂

The use of clean energy, the use of calcín and good energy management helps reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which is the main cause of global warming. In short, we care about the present looking to the future.

100% recycling

In our effort to care for and respect the environment, we have managed to recycle all the glass we produce. A true circular and sustainable economy that allows us to use the final product as raw material, once it has served its purpose for society.

ISO 14001

We integrate mechanisms to protect the environment through the prevention or mitigation of adverse environmental impacts.

ISO 50001

Our genuine and firm commitment to the environment thanks to the continuous improvement in the energy performance of the entire organization.

ISO 9001

Adequate quality management, taking into account: attribute testing, dimension control, thermal and mechanical testing.

BRC certificate

It provides a solid framework for all types of manufacturers: support in the production of safe packaging materials and product quality management.