Glass with a long history

We have been dedicated to glass since 1890, perfecting the way of producing it, molding it, innovating it..

High-strength tempered glass

All our products undergo exhaustive quality controls to guarantee their excellence.

In search of excellence

We complement innovative management systems with work processes that strive for customer satisfaction.

Infinite lives

The glass is 100% recyclable and does not need pre-treatment to return to the production system. That is why it is sustainable and respectful.

Platine 44

Platine 44 cl

  • Filling level indicator (7.5 cl)
  • Greater oxygenation

Ref. V1083

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Verdot 42

Verdot 42 cl

  • Increased visual capacity

Ref. V4716

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Albariza 47

Albariza 47 cl

  • Greater oxygenation

Ref. V4691

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